WiSe 16-17 MEAS Theoretical Perspectives on Current Topics in East Asian International Relations

Wintersemester 2016 / 2017

WiSe 16-17 MEAS Theoretical Perspectives on Current Topics in East Asian International Relations

Target Group:

Master students in Political Science and Modern East Asian Studies

Course Content

East Asia is an energetic and vibrant region – not just economically, but also as far as international diplomacy and security are concerned. As of the week of this writing, for example, a tense US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue has just ended and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now visiting China to hold bilateral government consultations in an increasingly tough environment due to EU-China discrepancies on China's market economy status; at the same time, tensions in the East and South China Seas between China and its various neighbors keep rising, while the US has just lifted its decades-long arms embargo on Vietnam, but says this is not at China's expense; last but not least, India and Pakistan are increasingly locked in a bitter water conflict revolving around the explosive Kashmir issue.

In this seminar, there will be no predetermined course outline and schedule. Rather, students are required to observe the international relations and security arena in East Asia and choose important current topics themselves (and in consultation with the lecturer). After a few introductory sessions on the theoretical and empirical foundations of East Asian international relations, students will be divided into groups and be responsible for organizing one entire session each, including a presentation. Apart from introducing the respective current event and learning about its empirical background, the main objective of each session will be to put students in a position to analyze events from different theoretical perspectives and assess their different implications.


Relevant literature will be made available by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester. More information will follow during the first session.

Course Requirements

Target group:

Master students in Political Science and Modern East Asian Studies (MEAS) are invited to participate in the seminar. The course language will be English, including for discussions and student presentations during class.

Students are expected to attend all classes (according to MEAS stipulations, students who have been absent from the course for more than 20% of classes may be required to withdraw from the course without credit), to do all readings assigned, to participate in class discussions and group activities, and to give a presentation (20-30 minutes). Those who seek to obtain a Leistungsschein / graded evidence of achievment are additionally required to hand in a seminar paper (15-20 pages). Students are free to hand in those seminar papers in English or German language (with the exception of MEAS students).


The number of participants is limited to 30. Please register here via OLAT.

Proof of Study

  • Certificate of attendance / Teilnahmeschein: presentation (20-30 minutes)
  • Graded evidence or achievment / Leistungsschein: presentation (20-30 minutes) and seminar paper (MEAS students: 15 pages, FB03 students: 20 pages)

Submission date for seminar paper: tba

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